Can you afford to compromise?

It’s no good spending precious budget on the best products in the market if they’re then going to be installed by someone doing a less-than-perfect job.

It can be frustrating for those who have spent time during the design phase, carefully selecting the components of their build from manufacturers who have created something well-made and fit-for-purpose, for the installation to then have an effect on the performance.


It’s fair to say this issue is relevant across many aspects of construction, which is why employing experts in installation will help you to achieve a great build and meet safety standards at the same time. It’s essential for many reasons to get it right first time, which is why working with an installer who has an in-depth knowledge of the specific product from their own company will be able to do the job properly. Not everyone in the industry works to the same conscientious level and this is often reflected in the price – so if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


At SMD we’re governed by our core business values, not just when we’re designing and manufacturing our products, but also installation too. We take them very seriously and it’s why we’ve been able to provide our customers with the high-quality service that we’re known for.

Our employees are vetted experts and know their craft inside out.

We have one of the largest directly employed labour forces in the metal decking sector meaning we have control and influence on our installation teams imparting our Vision and core Values on to our site teams. Each of our employees is a vetted expert and know their craft inside out to ensure that they’re installing our products with the same level of quality with which they’re designed and manufactured.


If you’re looking for a partner for your next build, make sure you’re looking deeper into the company values and working practices rather than basing the decision on price. Together, we’re working towards the creation of safe, long-lasting buildings that will be fit for purpose, so, join us as we campaign for installation excellence in the construction industry.



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