Car Parks and Aggressive Environments

The open-sided nature of car parks, coupled with the frequent vehicle circulation, means their exposure to the environment can be aggressive. It’s critical that materials used can withstand the elements and fulfil design requirements.

With a variety of time-saving, durability and construction benefits, metal-decking solutions have become popular in car park construction, as Technical Development Director, Jamie Turner explains.


Different solutions have been developed to suit the ever-changing and bespoke needs of car park projects. Due to its fast-track build times, cost-effectiveness and durability, metal decking is widely recognised within the industry for its car park construction compatibility, and SMD has seen an increase in contractors using metal decking in their projects.

What is available?

We work with various regulatory bodies to help enhance the construction industry and make positive changes to the way we work across all trades. Our BPA membership gives us the opportunity to help develop solutions and construction best practice for the wider parking industry using our years of experience of innovation and quality products. We have designed our broad range of composite steel floor decking to offer parkingcontractors, designers and architects the flexibility to suit their project specifications.


Depending on the design of the steel frame, various deck profiles are available, with the deep deck profile available with various colour-coated options for the internal soffit to help identify different floors in the final design. Product options, including Plastisol coated floor decks, provide additional durability, and the aesthetic properties make it the preferred choice for exposed soffits, often reducing lighting requirements too.


A high durability metallic coating option is available (HD), helping to enhance longevity and offering greater resistance against corrosion, whilst still including the option to use through deck-welded shear studs.


It’s not always sunny in Bournemouth

A commercial car park in Bournemouth recently benefitted from our expertise. Situated in the heart of this bustling seaside town, the changeable coastal climate meant the steel fame was at an increased risk of corrosion


The engineer of the contract specified our TR60+ composite floor deck profile because the spans between the supporting beams were modest due to the corkscrew nature of the car park design. The High Durability (HD) coating was chosen to protect exposed areas against the coastal climate.


Sloped floor levels were incorporated along with pre-studded beams for greater resistance to corrosion, allowing all surfaces of the steel beams to be treated and protected prior to delivery to site, saving time and money.

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We’re committed to constantly improving the methods we use in order to benefit our employees, clients, partner trades and the environment. For more information and quotes on using our products with your next project, contact us and we’ll be happy to look at your requirements.

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