Concrete Technical Report 75

SMD provides noteworthy contribution as part of the editing group involved with producing the newly publicised Concrete Society Technical Report (No.75) – Composite Concrete Slabs using Steel Decking.

A revised guidance document has recently been issued by the Concrete Society covering good practice for pouring concrete on upper floor steel decking.  Both Jamie Turner (SMD Technical Director)  and Jim Harbut (SMD Concrete Manager) were heavily involved in the working group who contributed to the content and development of this document.


As with the guide, this Technical Report is intended to provide clients, designers and contractors with detailed guidance on the safe and efficient construction of composite floor slabs on steel decking.


Technical Report 75 supersedes the Concrete Society’s ‘Good Concrete Guide 5 Composite concrete slabs on steel decking – Guidance on construction and associated design considerations’, published in 2008.


SCI Documentation

Importantly, this document is not intended to provide design methodology as this is adequately covered in BS EN 1994-1-1 Eurocode 4 Design of composite steel and concrete structures and, SCI Document P300 Composite slabs and beams using steel decking: best practice for design and construction. This Technical Report is complementary to SCI P300 and, as such, both documents should be considered as a package by all parties involved with the design and construction of composite floor slabs.


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