Confidence in your supply chain

Time is money, and as the pace picks up it’s essential to engage sub-contractors that have control over the supply of goods to site. Without these heroes on your side, delivery and service won’t be up to scratch which often results in late deliveries, lapses in progress and increases in costs. Quality suppliers come with quality products and knowing where your products come from, and any issues that you may encounter in an honest and transparent way is actually good for clients.


Operating a lean, ‘just-in-time’ approach does have its advantages, especially for those with minimal storage. However, it also increases the risk of delays due to late deliveries. Working with a reliable supplier means that you’ll have greater peace of mind that if anything does go wrong they’ll let you know and propose a solution.


There are occasional outside factors that can’t be controlled, no matter how prepared you may be – unpredictability is the only predictable thing! If a client alters their design mid-build or the weather postpones an activity, it helps to have a sub-contractor that can roll with the punches and work in an agile way to accommodate those changes. Suppliers that buy the products from manufacturers won’t have the same control or reaction time as those that manufacture the goods themselves – so it’s important to know the way they work before you sign the contracts.


At SMD we’re in direct control of our product range. Our complete end-to-end process not only guarantees that we’re using the best quality decking in your build, but also means that we can press pause if we need to. We see our clients as our partners, so we’ll do whatever we can to ensure a smooth and successful build without any hiccups.

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