Live CPD – Construction details when using shear studs

Thursday 19th May 2022 @ 12:00 GMT

Presented by Jamie Turner, Technical Development Director and Dan Williams, Commercial Director

Expected duration – 45 minutes

Online Platform – Microsoft Teams


We regularly publish technical blogs and it’s noticeable that those relating to shear studs are often in the highest ranked pages on the entire SMD website.  Following this, and the well-subscribed CPD titled Welded shear studs in composite construction we ran last year, the next CPD in the series will re-visit this topic but expand on the knowledge previously covered.

The CPD will look in more depth at specific details when using shear studs with metal decking, including limitations for raking beams and stud positioning when using the SMD VoidSafe® Protection System. The VoidSafe® protection system is relatively new and the CPD will help you, our customers and specifiers, identify issues early in the design process to avoid unforeseen problems on site, reducing avoidable programme delays and cost.


This CPD will cover:

  • Dimension and Spacing limits from the standard
  • Profile influence
  • Shear studs on raking beams
  • Considerations for pre-studded beams
  • What do I do with the ferrules?
  • Stud positions when using VoidSafe® edge trim
  • Other practical considerations when studding

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