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To those that are not upper level construction specialists, pouring concrete on suspended upper floor decks is considered no different to pouring a slab on the ground. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

There is a lot more to it than simply pouring it on and letting it dry, with many considerations to be made. What profile is it on? How is it going to be poured? What is the concrete mix? What are the spans and acceptable construction loads? Without proper knowledge of the nuances of pouring concrete on upper floor decks, it could lead to disaster both during construction, and after completion. So, what could go wrong?


Pouring concrete on upper floor decks is different. If a supplier who is used to doing groundwork and doesn’t have experience of pouring on upper floor decks is employed to carry out the installation, they might typically conduct their operations in their usual way. They might overload the deck with an overly large team or use kit or methods that are not suitable for upper floor decks. The extra weight on the structure could lead to issues with the final build and a huge Health & Safety risk during construction.

Deflection is also an issue that might not be considered by someone who does not have as much knowledge of pouring concrete on upper floor decks. Unlike the sub-base of a ground-bearing slab. the decking will move as the extra weight of the wet concrete hits it. This movement influences the surface and flatness tolerances and can have a huge impact on the end result. It can also be disappointing if you have chosen a specific decking that fits the design and specifications of the project, and then sub-standard concrete is poured on top – which could have an effect on the integrity of the structure.


Suppliers should know their products through and through, and this is especially true at SMD. We’re more than a metal decking company as we have years of experience with concrete too – that’s why placing the concrete package with us is the smart choice. Our site staff receive the best quality training which means they not only understand the implications of pouring concrete on upper floor decking, but they can also handle and adapt to changes in the schedule, as well as any issues that may unexpectedly occur.


Ordering from a company you know and trust means that you can feel confident in the end result.


If you’re already choosing SMD for your steel decking needs, then why not order your concrete installation from us too?

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