Deck installation using a panel lifter

We’ve been trailing a new method of installing deep roof deck using a panel lifter. Working over the last year, we’ve carefully researched and developed this technique to improve on our already stellar service.



A big part of our business is developing new products, software and installation techniques to make our builds better and our clients happier. We’ve always been driven by innovation – it’s one of our core values after all – so being able to change the way we work for the better, and influence our industry is something great.



The on-site benefits of using a panel lifter.

We’re committed to Health & Safety, and this latest technique of our on-site teams using a panel lifter for deep roof decking is better for the wellbeing of our operatives. Not only does it mean that we can install larger or heavier sheets, but it addresses manual handling issues which can pose a risk. With the machine doing all the heavy lifting, the on-site teams are less likely to injure themselves due to strain, and we’ve developed a process that everyone follows when using the equipment.

Using a compact panel lifter also saves time as well as manpower. It can move panels safely and efficiently without compromising on the care taken with the materials. The decking remains undamaged as it uses suction to lift the panels, and the modular design of the lifter means that it can be easily adapted for any worksite.



Innovation from the word go.

With the ability to use larger or heavier sheets during the build, comes the opportunity for clients, engineers or architects to have a greater flexibility in their design. With fewer restrictions in terms of what can be done, it gives the freedom to specify metal decking configurations that may have been impossible before. We’ve got years of experience in metal decking, so it’s a great feeling to be able to help our clients achieve fantastic and innovative builds of their own.



Our experience shows.

It’s no secret that we want to improve our industry and are dedicated to proactively tackling issues to find solutions that work for everyone – installers, clients, designers, operators and even other trades. With expansions in our product range as well as our services, we’re working towards a better future for the construction industry.


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