Up a creek without a paddle

Whether you’re in the early design stage, planning a programme of work, or you’re on-site, it’s a common occurrence that you will need further technical information or guidance.


That technical expertise could be required immediately, and if you don’t have it to hand then it can create delays, cost time and resource or result in mistakes. Hiring a supplier or sub-contractor that can provide a wealth of in-depth technical support right from the initial design stages, through to build can put a stop to some of these headaches.


Supporting the industry

Feeling supported by those in your supply chain not only fosters a sense of camaraderie and togetherness for the wider team, but also boosts confidence. You can rest assured that should you need expert assistance or knowledge that you can gain access to it quickly and easily. Problems on-site could be avoided with the correct design, so having the resources to make sure that’s correct from the get-go is incredibly important. As constructions become increasingly complex and demands for project performance escalate, it’s important you know that you’re in the right hands when it comes to technical support.


We have over 30 years’ experience of our products and the business of construction, so simply put – we know our stuff. From rigorous staff training to setting the standard as part of industry committees, we’ve become renowned experts helping to encourage the industry to move into the future.


Despite this, we don’t rest on what we’ve learnt in the past – in fact we strive to find out about the most cutting-edge processes, products and methods to ensure that we’re not only keeping up with the industry, but we’re leading it. Innovation is a big part of what we do – not just in terms of our products, but also in the way we support our clients.


Technical guidance

Putting this intelligence into innovative products wasn’t enough for us, we wanted to be able to impart this knowledge on others too. So, we put in place our exceptional technical support and created the Technical Guidance Notes (TGN Manual and TGN Online) on our website. This hub, accessible to those that register, provides greater detail into our products, their specifications, installation and how everything can be done with our business values front of mind. Easily accessible, this knowledge can enhance the fundamentals of construction and that newly gained experience can then be transferred throughout the industry. If you are experiencing a situation that needs a little more detail, our team are only a phone call away.

Our Technical Helpdesk number goes directly to the right people, in the right team to answer your queries.

Design software

What’s more, we provide software that helps from the initial design stages of any project. Downloading our Elements® Design Software can help with integrating our products into your slab or roof design. It keeps you on track with practical implications and provides the user with suitable deck profiles. We aim to empower our clients as much as possible, and when they’re in need of assistance we’re always there. If you need us to impart knowledge to the team, then we’ll be happy to. We have a variety of modules that we can bring to your workplace and present to ensure that your team are up-to-speed with the latest innovations. We believe that the job doesn’t begin and end with contracts, it’s continued technical support and guidance that will help spark change in the industry for the better.


Above and beyond

Going above and beyond is not common with some contractors who simply buy from a separate supplier and then provide little-to-no aftercare, but this leads to delays in response times which has a greater impact in the long-run.

Request a CPD and take advantage of our Technical Team to help fill the knowledge gaps in your business.

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