Fixing Tool & Stud Welding Gun Access Restrictions

Consideration of the installation process at the planning & design stages can minimise site issues & delays which could impact on the construction programme.


A common issue we encounter is inadequate access for the fixing tools & stud welding guns. These tools can only be used when in the vertical position, i.e. the gun must be at an angle of 90° to the base fixing point & forced against the fixing surface for the gun to fire.

The above image shows that every tool is a different height & therefore will have varying access requirements.


To allow successful installation of the decking, edge trim & shear studs it is essential that there is adequate clearance above the area where these items are to be installed (refer Fig B & Fig D shown above).


During the deck detailing process SMD will advise if there are any issues, but it is not always obvious from the information provided. If problems with the access are only flagged when operatives are on site, it is likely that costs will be incurred due to the inability to install the deck or studs &/or the need to remove materials already installed. These issues & costs can be prevented by pre-planning, with a successful resolution more likely to be formulated the earlier it is addressed in the design & preconstruction stages.


For further information, refer to section 7.2 of TGN Online or download our document Fixing tool access restrictions and guidance.

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