Forming service holes in composite slabs


Openings and service holes are regularly required through composite slabs to allow services to pass from floor to floor. A summary of industry best practise and guidance for SMD floor deck products can be seen below.


Openings can be grouped by deck profile and size:

When forming voids, the following should be noted;

  • Voids should be boxed out and the deck cut after the concrete has cured
  • Non-percussive cutting methods should be used to minimise disturbance of the composite bond between deck and concrete
  • Voids should be isolated and not closely grouped
  • Minimum spacing should be the greater of 300mm or 1.5x diameter, from edge to edge
  • No more than ¼ of total span length should be removed
  • Responsibility of design for additional reinforcement, trimming steels and structural verification lies with the project engineer
  • Concentrated loads should not be applied near void locations

VoidSafe, an alternative void solution

VoidSafe™ Protection System can significantly improve site logistics and access throughout the floor area.

For more information on this topic, see our TGN Section 5.6 specifically relating to Forming Service Holes.

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By Thomas Rigden GMICE

SMD Technical Design Engineer

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