Fuming about Cancer

Health & Safety is one of our main concerns, so, if there’s a change in policy or regulation then we’ll always be one of the first in the industry to adopt new practices or equipment.


Recent scientific research conducted by the International Agency for Research of Cancer that shows that exposure to welding fumes, including mild steel welding, can be a cause of lung cancer and in some cases can also be linked to kidney cancer too. Our stud welders’ welfare is one of our paramount concerns, so we’ve taken preventative steps to help give them peace of mind whilst at work.

Investing in new equipment.

We’ve upgraded our PPE policy and provided each of our directly-employed stud welders with a Sundström half mask respirator SR 90-2. These masks filter out the harmful fumes to help ensure a comfortable working environment and protection, even if there is limited natural ventilation. With our stud welders welding approximately one million shear studs every year from any of our six rigs, it’s essential that we take these steps as quickly as possible.


Health & Safety is one of SMD’s core values, it’s no secret that we work in a hazardous industry, so we must do everything we can to minimise risks and create safe, comfortable working environments for all staff.

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