Get organised for 2021

You’ve got to love a wall planner!?

February 2021 marks 34 years of trading for SMD. During that time we have worked with many of you on thousands of contracts across the world. We look forward to a prosperous 2021 for all of us and continue to build our portfolio with even more amazing buildings!


Given up on 2020?

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely thrown the spanner in the works for 2020 with many of our plans not just going out the window, but running down the road in a panic with hands waving in the air! We are hoping 2021 brings more stability in our own personal lives as well as the UK and world economy.


We are trying to help… but we’ve got a small problem!

To help you get organised for 2021, once again, we have hundreds of wall planners ready to be distributed to our contacts up and down the country. The problem we are finding is, many of you are working from home and won’t receive these planners as they will be sent to your offices, and who knows when we will be returning to office-life!? We would love to get our planners out to you but we need your help to give us the best address to send these too.

Don’t worry, we won’t be sending any other items or using the information for future promotional purposes, we just want to get these items to you ready for 2021… hopefully a year without too many Covid-19 restrictions!


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