Driving innovation in construction

Working with Hilti Tools

At SMD we work with the most innovative suppliers to ensure that the work we undertake is high quality, professional and efficient. So, when it comes to choosing where we get our on-site tools from, we go to Hilti Tools. After signing a new four-year deal, we’re proud to be partnered with them and continue our close working relationship.

Collaboration leading to creation.

This isn’t our first contract with Hilti Fleet Management, in fact, we’ve worked with them for years and this partnership has been so beneficial to both businesses. For Hilti, they’ve gained an understanding of some of the barriers our teams face during installation, and we’ve been able to have a deep knowledge of their products. It’s this intelligence that actually lead us to helping them develop the Hilti GX 3 in 2017 – a gas-actuated fastening tool. Both parties worked together during the research phase and our understanding of the behaviours of steel also lead to Hilti obtaining approval for their fixings too.

Driving innovation in construction. 

Like SMD, Hilti are dedicated to driving innovation within our industry, and it’s through the design and manufacture of leading-edge technology, services and software that they’re trying to make this happen. Having bases in over 120 countries and stand-out products, it comes as no surprise that they take time to develop research in order to make exceptional tools. We use Hilti because they help us to ensure the successful completion of our clients’ projects.

Working together.

Recently, our Operations Manager, Richard Brokenshire received a VIP invite to Hilti’s factories and innovation centre in Schaan, Liechtenstein, to see first-hand how the research and development process works, as well as trying out a few new tools before they were available to the rest of the industry. We value their top priorities; productivity, quality assurance and operator safety, as they align with our aims to minimise maintenance costs and downtime so that we can provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions to fit with their budgets.

Richard said “Seeing first-hand the level of innovation that Hilti put into their products, we are more than happy to renew our long-standing agreement with them as we are confident their industry-altering tools are better than ever”

Products that boost performance.

We’re proud of our steel decking products, and so to ensure that our on-site team are able to work in the most efficient and professional way, we’ve chosen a selection of tools from Hilti Fleet Management. Moving forward, we’ll be using ST180 Tek Guns, the DX-76 and the brand-new to market DX-5. Using machinery that’s at the forefront of innovation complements our core brand values that guide our business as a whole. It was great to welcome some of the Hilti team to our Logistics Centre when they dropped off some of the tools we have signed on for.


We value our supplier partnerships just as much as we do our own clients. At SMD we believe that working collaboratively, sharing knowledge and helping each other is not only going to drive innovation, but also incite the positive changes that our industry so desperately needs. They say a bad workman blames his tools, but for us when it comes to Hilti, a great workman praises them!

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