In the spotlight: TR220™

If you’re considering which floor decking to use that best suits your project, then you might be realising that it can be quite a challenge.


Our range of metal decking is proactively and constantly developing to make sure that our clients are able to achieve their desired builds. Years of experience in the field of metal decking has meant that our decking profiles are designed with fantastic technical knowledge and as such, we’re able to give our clients a comprehensive offering. We’re going to take a look at just one of our relatively new profiles, the TR220™ to give you a better idea of whether this is the decking for you.

What’s the TR220™?

This additive floor profile is a deep steel deck profile of 220mm and has the performance of a ribbed reinforced concrete slab to provide a solution for long span floors. Installing the TR220™ to bottom flanges provides a slim floor construction to reduce the structural zone without the need for intermediate supports which is more cost-efficient and saves time in the programme too.

What are the benefits?

The TR220™ decking is lightweight compared to some other long-span flooring solutions and reduces the structural floor zone by utilising the slab depth within the beam web. This alleviates headroom issues and also allows services to be integrated in to the structural zone of the slab.

The TR220™ decking profile can also be used unpropped for spans up to 6m, so if your spans are less than this then it’s a cost-effective solution that also saves time in your build schedule too.

Particularly helpful in the initial stages, designers can factor this alternative to pre-cast planks into buildings where there’s a need to have uninterrupted space with a reduced number of supporting beams or columns such as car parks.


Preparing for the future.

With a strong desire to have a lasting and positive impact on the construction industry, we’re always looking and developing solutions to any gaps within our own product offering. We listen to our clients and customers and address feedback to ensure we’re providing everything to satisfy their metal decking installation needs.

Find out more about our TR220 profile and download the in-depth data sheet.

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