Live CPD – Composite deck and slab design


Wednesday 6th July 2022 @ 12:00 BST

Presented by Jamie Turner, Technical Development Director

Expected duration – 45 minutes

Online Platform – Microsoft Teams


Our most popular CPD, this presentation has been delivered to hundreds of engineers over the past 15 years. The CPD covers the three key stages that make up of composite deck and slab design process. Part one covers the Construction Stage, this considers the bare metal profile during the construction process as the deck supports the wet concrete, reinforcement and construction load. This is followed by the Composite Stage where deck provides tensile reinforcement and with additional transverse reinforcement that also provides crack and/or shrinkage control is designed to accommodate the loads applied in the final use of the building.  The final stage is fire design and covers the principles and theory behind the design model that is used in our popular SMD Elements® design software.  In addition to these key stages, this presentation will touch upon the important subject on everyone’s lips, embodied carbon.


 This CPD will cover:

  • Composite Floor Deck
  • Construction Stage
  • Composite Stage
  • Fire Stage
  • Embodied Carbon
  • Codes and Regulations
  • Other useful design tools


Due to time restriction, the CPD does not go through worked examples or extensive calculations, but will give anyone attending a good idea of the principles and theory behind the calculations that are presented in the design report outputs from the SMD Elements® design software.

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