Live Online Event – Fill your knowledge gap! Your questions answered in our open forum/discussion event

Now that you’ve had plenty of time to settle back into the swing of things for 2022, we’re going to hold another online event – this month, we plan a slightly different format!


  • Thursday 3rd February 2022 @ 12:00 GMT
  • Lead by Jamie Turner (SMD Technical Development Director)
  • Expected duration – 1hr
  • Online Platform – Microsoft Teams


Hosted by Jamie Turner and joined by various members of the SMD team, we encourage you, our event attendees, to raise a topic or ask any question(s) for our team or other members of the event to discuss. Whether it be a question about our Products, Services, Trade Associations, Supply Chain, a Technical challenge or construction technique that you might dealing with or even to discuss environmental sustainability and how construction methods might change in the coming years – we would love to hear your voice!


Thank you to all those who have raised some head-scratching questions for this weeks CPD. We’ve picked out some of the most relevant questions to go over, these are:-

  • Can you design a composite slab as a deck for disproportionate collapse?
  • How do you design steel fibre reinforced composite slabs with high concentrated point loads?
  • What is the guidance for cutting penetrations in VoidSafe?
  • How do you ensure appropriate anchorage of metal decking and reinforcement?
  • What composite slab design code is used for Indian standard compliance?

Please join our event to listen or raise your own question!


Send us your thoughts!

To pre-empt the starting content for this event, we would like to hear your questions. Please send us any questions you might like to ask by completing the form below and we will use it to kick things off. We can’t promise to cover all your questions, as we expect the discussion to drive the content during the event.


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