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Welcome to the first in a series of online construction guidance presentations from SMD!


Shallow Floor Deck Construction Details

3rd December 2020 @ 12:00 GMT


For many years we have been presenting CPD presentations across the UK and Europe at customers and specifiers offices.  With the travel restrictions caused by Covid-19 we have been taking advantage of online presentations (using Microsoft Teams).

We have a number of modules from technical CPD’s on the design process and our Products and Service to information on Good Practice for site installation.  The presentations cover all types of topics and may be of interest to anyone working in the construction sector.

Historically, we have held these events during lunch breaks so we didn’t eat into your working day (excuse the pun) ….. so grab a coffee and sandwich and tune into our upcoming online presentations that are open to all!


What to expect?

Held on the first Thursday of every month @ 12:00 GMT and last around 1 hour, the first is a Technical CPD presentation on Shallow Floor Deck Construction Details presented by Jamie Turner, SMDs Technical Development Director.

The presentation covers:-


More events coming up!

Look out for other presentations in the coming months including…..TABDeck Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete,  Choosing the right floor product, Net/Deck installation to name a few. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date!


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