Fast-track Construction for Car Parks

Coatings and Options

Due to its fast-track build times, cost-effectiveness and on-site benefits, metal deck construction has become the favoured option for a wide variety of buildings. Growing in popularity, this construction method has increasingly been used in car park projects.

Whilst the structure of car parks can be comparable to other building types, the exposed environment is more aggressive.

To enable the benefits of our products to be used in this sector, we have developed specific product coatings and options to provide a number of car park solutions and engaged with the British Parking Association to share this knowledge.

SMD Contract in Sheffield using TR80+ with crushed end decking for use with pre-studded beams

Product Options and Benefits:

Long span solution

Un-propped spans in excess of 6m to suit typical parking space sizes


Variety of soffit colours available

Provides potential to differ soffit colour as a way of identifying floor level


Two support options available

Slim Floor and Wing options reduce structural zone and associated storey height

High Durability (HD) Coating

Provides enhanced durability with option to use through deck welded shear studs


Crushed Ends

Quicker to install on pre-studded beams and provides a greater concrete section locally to the shear stud improving performance


Plastisol Coating

Provides improved durability and aesthetic appearance making it the preferred choice for exposed soffits where aesthetic appearance and light reflectivity is important 

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