Safety Netting

Safety netting fall protection systems

The most commonly used passive safety solution when installing metal deck on steel structures is a safety net system.

This is a quick and reliable safety solution that can be utilised on almost all projects. 

Nets are hung from the underside of steel beams, and are installed prior to commencement of deck installation. The nets are left in place until all floor or roof deck items are safely installed and it is safe to remove them from the underside of the area.

Safety nets protect workers on construction sites, preventing serious injury and death through the following benefits:


  • Allows workers to move freely, unlike personal harness options where movement is limited.
  • Provides collective protection for all work and movement within the work area.
  • Nets provides a soft landing as opposed to a harness solution, with no risk of suspension trauma.
  • Avoids complicated rescue operations as the fallen site operative can simply climb out of the net.
  • Where safety nets are not practical or permissible, safety airbags, also known as air cushion systems, can be installed by fully-trained operatives.