Floor Deck

Products to meet your specification

Choosing the correct floor deck product to suit your project specification can be challenging. With a comprehensive product range and wealth of technical experience, SMD has the profile to suit your needs.


Whether you are looking for a formwork-only solution or a product to form part of a structural composite slab, we have a range of floor deck profiles to suit all project and design drivers. 

When choosing the type of floor deck profile to use there are many factors that need to be considered. These include span, composite beam design, slab design, loadings and construction methods. The most suitable product will depend on which of these criteria is your driving factor.  

Whatever your design driver, it is a common goal is to reduce the need for temporary propping on site as this sterilises working areas which can have an impact on programme.

Our range of profiles from 50mm to 220mm deep are available in varying grades and thicknesses providing design flexibility to minimise propping in all scenarios.

Our product range allows un-propped spans exceeding 6.0m and if you’re looking for a rule of thumb, the deeper the profile the further the span!


  • Provides the tensile reinforcement requirements of the slab
  • Composite construction reduces steelwork frame weight
  • Manufactured from steel strip to BS EN 10143 and BS EN 10346
  • Can achieve up to 4hr fire rating for the slab

Floor Deck Range

For full product information, select one of the following:

600mm cover width

51mm high

150mm trough centres

950mm cover width

50mm high

317mm trough centres

1000mm cover width

60mm high

333mm trough centres

600mm cover width

80mm high

300mm trough centres

750mm cover width

220mm high

750mm trough centres

Made to size to suit span limits

38mm high

Available in various colours