Flashings and Closures

Flashings and Closures


Flashings and Closures


Flashings and Closures


Flashings and Closures



Where perimeter or intermediate beams are to receive shear studs and run parallel to the deck span, there may be a need for galvanised mild steel flashing closures to be provided to form a closure to the profile. 


• Allows shear studs to be installed to the top of beam flanges without any obstruction from deck

• Reduces waste when utilising flashings in place of cut deck sheets

• Closes gaps in situations where deck cannot be utilised 


• 1.0mm

• 1.2mm

• 1.6mm

• 2.0mm 


• 3000mm lengths

• Available in girth with multiples of 25mm

• End Caps available to suit TR60+ or TR80+ profiles, available pre-cut to suit trough size or 1.5m lengths for raking beam locations 

Steel Grade

• DX 51D 


• Galvanised (Z275)

• HD (ZM310) 

Profile Properties

Product CodeUseabcxGalvFinished HDSS
02**R51+ / TR60+ / TR80+Min 50mmR51+ 53mm / TR+ 16mmR51+ 37mm / TR+ 24mm--
03TR60+ / TR80+Min 50mm50mm-15mm-
04Closure / PatchingMin 50mmMin 25mm---
04End Caps75mm95mm---
05Closure / PatchingMin 75mm----

** Similar flashing can be used for TR220 where sheets are ripped to suit the beam layout.