A quality service


The pre-construction and manufacturing elements are only the first part of the story.
A quality product is only “true quality” when successfully installed on your project.

Our Operations Team is structured to ensure effective management of your project wherever located, through a network of regional Contracts Managers and local Construction Managers, backed up by directly employed site operatives. Our directly employed and directly controlled site operatives are the key to your project success. All operatives are fully trained and all hold the appropriate Health & Safety qualifications to operate safely and efficiently on your site.

To ensure your project is successfully managed we also allocate a Construction Manager, giving you a direct contact on all of your projects. Where required, we will allocate you a full time Construction Manager as a member of the on-site team, giving you the most effective and controlled project installation.


  • Supply and installation of Fall Arrest systems, Floor deck, Edge trims, Shear studs and Concrete toppings and Roof deck
  • Fully trained, qualified, directly employed site operatives / FASET Trained Safety Net installers
  • Single point of contact for Site Management, site works managed by an allocated Construction Manager

Supply and installation of Nets

Supply and installation of Deck

Supply and installation of Shear Studs