Supply Only Services

Over 20 years in the Supply Only market

For over two decades we have been serving part of the Supply Only market and have seen demand for different products rise and fall with the times. In recent years, the number of light gauge framing contracts has multiplied as it has become popular for higher rise buildings such as hotels and can be commonly found in residential and student accommodation.

Light gauge steel frames & crushed ends

Our long span TR80+ floor deck profile is an evolution from the original TR80+ has been particularly popular with contractors. The 80mm deep trapezoidal shape offers long and unpropped spans which reduces the number of structure supports required – for many of our clients, this is a go-to for low to medium storey buildings.

Light gauge steel is perfectly suited to the Supply Only market due to its modular nature. With the prospects of being able to ‘build-as-you-go’, the walls and supporting cold rolled steel frame is built all at the same time as the metal floor deck is installed. This cuts down the need for a steel frame erector and a metal decking installer as it only needs one team to complete – saving time, money and reducing the number of people on-site. As the bays are smaller and lighter than hot rolled steel beams, there’s minimal heavy lifting or cranes needed.

The crushed ends also provide further savings as there’s no need for end caps to be fitted and after concrete pour there’s a reduction in grout loss and less need for acoustic or fire profile fillers too.

Recent light gauge projects

A recent contract that we supplied decking to, Travelodge hotel in Wimbledon, provides extra accommodation for the area. This hotel benefitted from 5,000m2 of our long spanning floor deck profile TR80+ profile with Crushed End’s option with the structure making incredible headway hitting programme on time.

Meet the Supply Only team

Our Supply Only team handle every aspect of the process from initial enquiry to scheduling materials and deliveries. You’ll receive a dedicated contact to support the process and be on hand to answer any queries or technical questions and our team are renowned for their precision and attention to detail.

Want to get in touch?

Contact the team on with your company name, start date and quantity of material and we’ll take it from there.

Our Services

Our Supply Only contracts start from 300m2 and cover light gauge framing and TR80+ crushed ends. Our products and services include:

  • Floor deck
  • Roof deck
  • GRP
  • Edge trim & flashings
  • Design service

New to metal deck construction?

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a number of resources that’ll help you on your way:

  • BIM Models – Download our popular shallow floor products in 3D model formats.


  • Elements – our design software and span app that calculates amounts required for a project and aids in design.


  • TGN – our technical reference library that holds all the information you’ll ever need about our decking, all in one place.

Only need a small amount of deck?

If your order falls under the 300m2 starting point for Supply Only, then visit SMD Stockyards who will be able to help.