SMD and Early Design Involvement

Whether you’re in the early design stage, planning a programme of work, or you’re on-site, it’s a common occurrence that you will need further technical information or guidance.

That technical expertise could be required immediately, and if you don’t have it to hand then it can create delays, cost time and resource or result in mistakes. Hiring a supplier or sub-contractor that can provide a wealth of in-depth technical support right from the initial design stages, through to build can put a stop to some of these headaches. 

Feeling supported by those in your supply chain not only fosters a sense of camaraderie and togetherness for the wider team, but also boosts confidence. You can rest assured that should you need expert assistance or knowledge that you can gain access to it quickly and easily.


• Pre-contract planning assistance.

• Pre-contract design and technical help.

• Take advantage of our knowledge and reduce unexpected issues arising throughout your project.