Roof Deck

Roof products to meet your specification

Our extensive range of Structural Roof (SR) deck profiles provide both shallow (up to 100mm) and deep (greater than 100mm) to suit the span requirements of any project.

Whether you are looking for a roof deck profile to span the short distance between purilns or a longer span option on to hot-rolled steel beams, we have a range of products from 30mm to 205mm deep to provide the design flexibly to suit all project requirements. 

SR products are typically used in a variety of built-up systems including; single ply membrane, double skin, standing seam, green roofs and asphalt.

The standard product comes with a 275g/m² hot-dip galvanised coating suitable for most internal environments.

Should your project require a more durable or aesthetic appearance, an interior liner option and other colour polyester coatings are available on request.


  • Manufactured from steel strip to BS EN 10143:2006 and BS EN 10346:2015
  • 350N/mm2 minimum yield strength options available
  • Standard galvanised coating mass of 275g/m2 (minimum)

Roof Deck Range

For full product information, select one of the following:

1000mm cover width

30mm high

200mm trough centres

900mm cover width

35mm high

150mm trough centres

850mm cover width

60mm high

213mm trough centres

720mm cover width

100mm high

240mm trough centres

930mm cover width

137mm high

310mm trough centres

840mm cover width

153mm high

280mm trough centres

750mm cover width

158mm high

250mm trough centres

750mm cover width

205mm high

375mm trough centres