Stud Welding Installation

Thru deck stud welding and shot fired shear connectors

Over 35 years’ experience has made SMD the UK’s leading experts in stud welding. Our purpose-built mobile stud equipment is also built to minimise the environmental impact caused by emissions and noise pollution.


Due to the integral part products and services play in all our contracts, we ensure all products are European sourced and adhere to all the required British and European standards. For such critical structural components, we do not support the supply of cheaper and often inferior imports from less reputable manufacturers. All our studs are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 13918:2008.

Service and Benefits

  • Fleet of bespoke mobile shear stud welding units
  • Over 1,000,000 of various sizes held in stock
  • Directly employed, competent and qualified workforce
  • Technical support
  • Nationwide coverage
  • UK’s most environmentally friendly fleet of stud welding plant

Mobile Stud Welding Rig

Thru deck welded studs

Fully trained site operatives

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