Programme? What Programme?

Managing change is par for the course when it comes to construction, but rarely is any consideration given to the consequences of this when it comes to changing start dates or programme sequencing – “just get it done” is usually the sentiment.

A carefully planned and signed off programme issued between client, contractor and sub-contractors is essential for a successful build. In an ideal world, the sequence would go as planned when originally signed off. However, things rarely happen this way unfortunately and more often than not there’s a request to reschedule, delay or compress the installation works, usually at the drop of a hat.


No matter whether these requests come as a result of ignorance, lack or experience or just an unrealistic desire, the outcome is usually the same – chaos, followed quickly by conflict and everyone falling out on site. Putting unnecessary pressure on the availability of site labour, increases the chances of unsafe work practice and out of sequence work, which results in Health & Safety issues, as well as additional costs for all parties.


Despite already agreeing a site duration, trades that are asked to shorten this are set up for a fall. Not only could the sequence be inefficient, but they’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of having to go faster, less accurate and under pressure – not to mention the times they may need to go slower to allow for other trades working alongside them.


Unfortunately, these misconceptions about what happens when a phase of work is delayed or accelerated have been widespread throughout the industry. In a time when everyone wants things bigger, better and faster, something will have to give. No business has resource that’s ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice just because someone has chosen to shift a bar on a programme – and if they do, it’s going to come at a cost, both financial and in terms of quality too.


Our years of experience have meant that at SMD we’ve honed our skills when it comes to providing timeline estimates for programmes. As specialists in our field, we’ve worked on a broad variety of project sizes and types thousands of times over the years – so we know what we’re talking about.


If you’re in charge of a putting together a programme but are unsure how to make it as cost-effective and rapid as possible then talk to us. Our team can offer guidance for a smooth and realistic programme that will allow the project to be delivered as seamlessly as possible.



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