Reducing our impact – Planting woodland with the Carbon Capture® Programme

If you’ve received one of our brand-new brochures over the past couple of weeks then you’ve given back to the planet with the Carbon Capture® Programme.


We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and so when it comes to our promotional campaigns and brochure printing, we use The Premier Paper Group. Verified by the Woodland Trust, the scheme plants native trees as a means of capturing the CO2 emissions from the printing process.

So, for every single sheet of paper used, SMD and our printers, RHL Print, pay a voluntary Carbon Capture Charge that goes directly to the Woodland Trust.


How does it work? 

The scheme has calculated the average amount of CO2 emitted from the manufacture and distribution of a tonne of paper using DEFRA and Carbon Trust figures, so once the printing and distribution process is complete, native woodland can be planted. Not only does it help to offset the carbon emissions and offer a reduced carbon solution, but it also provides habitats for wildlife and green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

We pay an extra Carbon Capture charge for every batch of printing and 100% of this goes directly to the Woodland Trust to carry out their fantastic work.

How has the scheme helped?

So far, the Carbon Capture® Programme has achieved some incredible things. Since it began in 2014, it’s captured 56,938 tonnes of carbon – which is as heavy as around 11.3 billion sheets of A4 paper, and they’ve raised £900,000 for the Woodland Trust. What’s more, over 227,7600 trees have been planted with the last planting session achieving the most yet with 3000 completed in just one day!


Pete Watkins, Marketing & Brand Manager of SMD talks a little more about our commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible:

“As a company, we urge all our staff to reduce the amount of paper we use in the office and yet we create thousands of brochures to be sent out to key contacts with various promotional campaigns. We have been keen to work alongside a print company who recognised the importance of this scheme to help reduce both our carbon footprints. We receive many emails and messages from recipients of our promotional material asking us to refrain from sending paper copies of our brochures but are keen to receive the information electronically instead, hopefully this programme that we are part of helps with any worries that our contacts have.”

Find out more about the scheme on the Woodland Trust website.

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