Reshaping the Skyline!

We’ve always been a company that likes to challenge the industry’s norms – and our latest issue of Shaping the Skyline magazine is no exception.


Tackling topics such as streamlining productivity to the differences between pre-cast concrete planks and metal deck, our latest issue of Shaping the Skyline has delved further into some of the issues that are common within our industry, and how we go about resolving them.

Our company values include quality, integrity and innovation, which is why we feel it’s our duty to help educate our clients and fellow construction companies with our fresh approach to conducting business.

Pete Watkins, Marketing and Brand Manager, explains why it’s important to use the written word to continually fight for these industry improvements:

“We understand that other trades, clients or potential clients do not know metal decking inside-out, so we’re trying to pass our knowledge of this niche market on to as many people as we can, both here in the UK and abroad. Educating others strengthens our brand and builds honest relationships with engineers, architects and fabricators making SMD a trustworthy source to gain information and improve the industries knowledge.”

Brand new articles.

Alongside some popular topics from the previous issue, we’ve introduced new articles that (we hope) answer more of your commonly raised questions.

Fight Club takes a look at how steel framed concrete floor construction stacks up against alternatives available on the market. We don’t want to give you any spoilers, but with a vast number of benefits along the build journey and beyond, the positives of metal decking are plenty!

Adapting to unexpected change is one of our strengths at SMD, but it can have serious cost and time implications for clients and other trades. Programme, What Programme? interrogates the discrepancies with sequencing across the industry and why the “just get it done” mentality has to go.

In life there are three inevitable things – death, taxes and concrete deflections. In our Deflections article, we provide solutions to dealing with this issue during the design and build stage, and the importance of tackling it head on. From complex calculations to providing allowances, we discuss some of the best practice actions and behaviours that can minimise the problem.

Updated content.

As well as our topical articles, we’re also giving an insight into some of the exciting projects we’ve been involved in. From Tottenham Hotspur Training Academy to residential student accommodation in Leicester, our versatile metal deck has featured in a broad variety of builds and programmes – so we’re showing it off!

There are a number of ways you can get your hands on the latest issue of Shaping the Skyline – simply drop into our Dorset HQ, request one by filling out the form below or read it online.

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