Rolling In the Deep Deck

Rolling In the Deep Deck

New perforated and aluminium roof deck options

Until recently the SMD deep SR roof deck range, greater than 100mm deep, was only available in steel and non-perforated. In March the SR135, SR153, SR158 and SR200 profile data sheets were given a total overhaul and now include steel perforated, aluminium and aluminium perforated options for these products.

Building on the success of the SR+ shallow roof deck range and the non-perforated SR deep decks, perforated and aluminium options have now been added to our deep roof deck range.


These additional options give the specifier more product choice and flexibility when designing buildings with enhanced acoustic or durability requirements.

Roof Deck

Aluminium (products suffix A) The aluminium option provides the designer with a wider product choice for building types with aggressive environments where corrosion protection is often the design driver (e.g. swimming pools).


When specifying any of these new product options, it is important to engage with SMD early in the process. Availability of some products may be subject to a minimum order quantity or have an extended lead time depending on the specific variation required and manufacturing programme at that time.

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SMD Roof Deck SR135
SMD SR153 Roof Deck
SMD SR158 Roof Deck
SMD SR200 Roof Deck

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