Shaping the Skyline

It’s no secret that at SMD we like to think of ourselves as leaders, and so sometimes we do things a little differently.



Our latest 56-page, full-colour corporate brochure isn’t simply a list of our products, but instead, we’ve taken a look at external factors that can have repercussions on our business and their wider impact for the construction industry as a whole. From the importance of having clear and concise business values that permeate throughout your company, to how metal decking is much more than crinkly tin, our brand-new corporate brochure is a fantastic source of information.


Loud and clear.

Find out more about SMD, from our beginnings in Dorset to the incredible projects we’ve worked on across the globe, we’re so proud of the quality of our products, services and employees. Our commitment to making our industry better, and driving innovation is something we’re keen to tell people about, so when it came to writing our new brochure, we wanted it to come through loud and clear.

We’ve also included some helpful technical tips throughout the brochure to help our readers with the understand of some of the elements of our service, the initial design stage and even when considering the level of package they’ll need us to supply. And of course, we’ve given our thoughts on Health & Safety and what businesses in construction can do to raise standards, minimise risk and create safer sites for their employees.


Interesting design and content.

Our Marketing Manager Pete Watkins, talks about why we chose to release our latest corporate brochure in this format:


“We wanted to create a brochure with content that’s interesting to read and isn’t just about ‘how great we think we are’. Corporate brochures can be a little dull and we certainly didn’t want to fall into that category! The brochure includes 12 articles, with some topics which talk about traps people can fall into with expectations of contract delivery, supply chains and even life after Brexit. The layout has been carefully designed and we hope clients and potential clients will pick up the brochure and read it from cover to cover with interest…and then maybe again!”


Whether you want to pick one up from us personally, receive a copy in the post or view it online via the website, you’ll be able to learn more about our business and what’s made SMD one of the thought leaders in not just our sector, but in the construction industry as a whole.


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