Spanning the gap with TR220™

Adding to our existing floor deck options, the TR220 deck profile provides a long-span solution for your contract!

Our deep deck, long-span profile TR220 augments our existing range and follows on from us signing an exclusivity agreement with an overseas manufacturer for the product which can span six metres.

The TR220 product, which offers designers an alternative to pre-cast planks, is specifically designed for car parks or buildings where space uninterrupted by supporting beams or columns is required.


Spanning the Gap

Our technical director Jamie Turner said: “We are spanning the gap in our product range. This will open up a whole new sector of the market and allow us to provide an even more comprehensive service.

“We are looking to break into the slim floor market, a market that already exists – and then find new markets within. We hope the market will grow with this new product.


Building our product range

“The TR220 will complement and not compete with our existing products as it provides a different solution – one we have been seeking to introduce for some time.”

Jamie added that the product, which can be coated in different colours to define parking levels for car parks, will take us into new territory and we will be rolling training to our team of directly employed installers.

Jamie added: “The TR220, because of its span, is often used on the lower two floors of high rise buildings and is an engineering solution we haven’t previously been able to offer.

“It will enable us to tender for whole building contracts whereas previously our opportunities may have been restricted to upper levels of this type of project.”


Further information

For further information on this product, see our Product page where you can download the Data sheet.

For quote on this new profile, please contact our Sales Team direct.