Design Software


Our in-house developed design software enables you to carry out complex slab or roof designs using SMD products.  The Intuitive tabbed interface, 3D design graphics and message pane helps ensure compliant calculations are created with practical implications in mind.

Floor Deck Calculations

Performs all aspects of composite slab design for floor slabs using SMD composite deck profiles R51, TR60+ and TR80+ and shutter only TR50 floor deck (non-composite floor deck). The latest version also includes TAB-Deck™ Steel Fibre reinforced concrete design option.

SMD Elements® allows the user to run full composite and non-composite slab calculations with the option to input loadings and slab conditions to create a full design report for a given specification.

For guidance to use this section of the software, Jamie Turner, SMD Technical Development Director, has created a floor deck tutorial with step-by-step guidance to run slab calculations (see link below).


Roof Deck Calculations

The latest Version of  SMD Elements ® now includes Roof Deck Design using all of SMD’s Roof Profiles.

Allows the user to run calculations on all SMD roof deck products in a similar tabulated, step-by-step process to the floor deck process.  The calculation process allows the user to add loading’s to their design finishing with a results page suggesting deck profiles which can be used based on the design criteria.

A tutorial for the roof deck calculation section of the software has also been created for help to use the software (see link below).

  • Comprehensive design options for analysing the slab in construction, composite and fire stages
  • Design to both BS5950 and Eurocode 4
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Save reports directly to MS Word .doc files

Floor and Roof deck options

Floor deck tutorial

A step-by-step guide to create a floor deck calc

Roof deck tutorial

A step-by-step guide to create a roof deck calc