12.1 - Site considerations

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Building envelope

To enable an acceptable surface finish to be achieved, where possible, concrete pours should be carried out in an enclosed environment to provide adequate protection of the works from prevailing weather conditions (including wind, surface water, frost, driving rain and excess heat from the sun). Ambient temperatures must be suitable for concrete placing and finishing operations. In some instances this may require provision of heaters and/or insulation material to the top and underside of the slab. It is appreciated that this is not always feasible due to site programme and logistics etc. A Project Team must also understand that the lack of a weatherproof building envelope could have a detrimental effect (dependent on severity of the conditions) on the final surface finish achievable and this is beyond the control of a flooring contractor.

Wash-out facility

Adequate wash-out facilities for the disposal of surplus concrete material from both the pump and trucks should be provided, i.e. designated area in the ground and/or polythene lined skips, including a water supply for cleaning of plant and equipment.


Lifting to level

A means (crane/telehandler) for lifting plant and materials to level is required to enable works to commence. Loading platforms Where loading out plant and materials directly to the working area is not possible, loading platform/s should be provided. These should be safe and adequately sized to permit the storage of plant, materials and enable site personnel to access from all sides.

Ground conditions

Suitable hard standing areas are required to accommodate all construction traffic loads associated with the concrete works, including concrete pump and trucks.

Access / egress facilities

Safe means of access and egress must be provided, positioned to suit the start and finish locations of each pour area. Specific consideration should be given to this item when powerfloat operations are to be carried out.

Site protection

Adequate protection from on-site activities must be provided to all adjoining properties/premises, including items contained within its boundaries. This is not specific to the concrete works and should typically be considered by a Main Contractor at planning stage. Where there are completed works in close proximity to the concrete pour area, adequate protection must also be provided to avoid damage.


Other trades Adequate protection and/or segregation areas must be provided for other trades working in the vicinity of the concrete works.

Refer to SMD Data sheet 15

Refer to SMD Data sheet 19

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