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Should the composite floor deck soffit be exposed to the elements, we offer our long span TR80+ profile with a PF (Plastisol) coating. The PF coating provides improved durability and aesthetic appearance over the standard galvanised coating making it the preferred choice for exposed soffits where aesthetic appearance and light reflectivity is important, such as car parks.

The PF coating is only available for TR80+ in 0.9mm and 1.2mm gauges with a S350 steel grade.

When considering the PF coating, it should be noted that shear studs cannot be welded through the Plastisol coating. If composite beams are required with PF coated deck, it would have to be single span with shear studs pre-welded in the factory. Alternatively, the HD metallic coating which provides enhanced durability whilst also enabling the application of through deck welded shear studs could be considered – refer section 13.1.

Product Specification

The PF coating is a 163μm PVS Plastisol top coating with a 7μm Primer. The base metal has an Aluminium-Zinc coating of 150g/m² (AZ150) (refer Fig. 13.9a for the detailed build-up of the material).


The PF coating is currently only available in ‘White’ BS 4800/5252 Code 00E55, which is comparable to RAL 9016. Samples of the exact colour are available from the SMD team for approval.

The Coating Warranty

TR80+ PF is available with a guarantee paint adhesion (against flaking) and UV resistance (against colour fade) of up to 30 years (inland) or 25 years (coastal, deemed to be within 2km of the shore), subject to the geographical location and details shown in Table 13.9a.

13.9a Table.png


The exact guarantee period achievable will depend on project specific details, contact SMD team for further details and full terms & conditions of the warranty.

Refer to SMD Document Warranty of PF Coating (Plastisol) 269 for more information

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