3.1 - Management & supervision

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The design, detailing and installation of SMD projects must be planned and carried out ensuring the Health & Safety of operatives undertaking the work, other trades on site, and members of the general public.

Ensure supervision is experienced in metal decking and that a suitable qualification such as SMSTS is held. Pre-start meetings should be arranged to enable agreement of programme, sequence, attendances and co-ordination with other trades. The planning and arrangement of deliveries to allow effective positioning of deck packs onto the steel frame (usually by the erectors) is essential in minimising issues with manual handling.

Robust management of the workforce in relation to Safety, Quality and Production ensures safe and efficient delivery. Handover procedures shall be used to ensure works are complete prior to access being given to following trades.

Refer to 'SIG.03 - Loading out and Positioning data sheet

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