5.0 - Design - Floor deck - Composite stage

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During the Composite, or Normal Stage, the composite slab must be checked for super-imposed Permanent (Dead) and Variable Imposed (Live) loads as specified by the client / engineer. Composite slabs are usually designed as a series of simply supported slabs in accordance with BS EN 1994-1-1 or BS5950-4.

Concentrated loads (i.e. line loads from walls) should be checked separately to ensure the specified slab criteria is adequate for the required loadings. Specific checks for concentrated loads can be carried out using SMD Elements® design software.


During design of the composite slab, consideration should be given to any loadings that may be applied to the slab during the construction phase (i.e. concentrated loads from plant or material storage), as these may be more onerous than the design loadings for the intended building use and impact on the minimum reinforcement required.

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