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TGN Online is a web-based version of the Technical Guidance Notes (TGN) Manual which has been developed since 2006. Our TGN are in continuous development based on industry changes, product updates and FAQ, creating the most comprehensive guidance on Health & Safety, design, installation, fall arrest systems, floor & roof deck, stud welding & concrete slabs using metal decking. The content for both the Manual and Online versions are Identical.

For the full Contents list, see the button in the orange bar above, alternatively, navigate the start of each section using the quick Menu Bar to the left.

Download the latest PDF version of the TGN Manual, to obtain a hard copy, please email us requesting a copy.

Should there be any items or topics that are not covered in the TGN, please contact us and we can look to adding information to both the hard copy manual and online.

Problems on these pages? Should you find any problems on any pages, feel they are not clear or find any links that do not work please contact our Admin Team to have this rectified.

Need more information? For more information on any of the sections in on this site, contact us on +44 (0) 1202 718 898 or email our Technical Team

Changes and Updates:-

2018/08/14 ____ Extensively updated to include changed to TR50 and R51+ (throughout)

2017/11/14 ____ 9.2 - Pack size and sheet length limits Table 9.2b updated

2017/08/09 ____ 5.6 - Forming service holes Table 5.6a added

2017/08/09 ____ 8.18 - Forming openings New Section added

2017/08/09 ____ 9.3 - Offloading, hoisting and storage Paragraph and Fig 9.3a added

2017/04/18 ____ 5.4 - Moving concentrated loads updated with additional sub-section 5.4.2 Typical plant that can be used on the slab during construction