TGN, what is it?

Our TGN Online has been running since March 2017, but, what is it? Find out why the TGN is so important and how it can help you!


TGN, What is it?

Structural Metal Decks Ltd (SMD) has over 30 years’ experience within the structural deck industry, along with it, plenty of knowledge to share. The Technical Guidance Notes (TGN) has been developed since 2006 and was first featured as a ten page addition of our Technical Manual. Calling on the vast wealth of experience of our staff and the decking industry, the TGN offers design information covering the relevant and most up to date British Standards, Eurocodes and industry guidance documents including: BS5950, EC4 and SCI P300.

It’s getting bigger!

The brain child of our Technical Development Director, Jamie Turner, the TGN Manual has grown to a 70+ page A4 document and is growing every year. The latest version of the TGN (Version 9), now includes references to the new TR50 profile along with extensive minor changes to various sections.


The TGN, now managed by our whole Technical team, can be freely downloaded as the TGN Manual (pdf) and is also available on the SMD website as TGN Online (a user account is required).  Both versions are identical with changes and updates issued via the SMD Blog, email and social media channels (connect with our social media accounts using the links in the menu bar above).


The TGN is the benchmark for industry guidance which is used by every decking company in the UK (and abroad), including our competitors (we know this because they have downloaded it), as it is the most comprehensive document of its type.

Topics covered

The TGN comprehensively covers;

  • Specification
  • Health & Safety
  • Composite Design
  • Construction Methods
  • Structural Roof Deck Design
  • Detailing rules
  • Studwelding
  • Concrete
  • SMD productsoptions


The document is in continuous development based on industry changes, product updates and FAQ’s received from people like you.

Who is it aimed at?

Anyone can use the TGN all the way through a buildings life-cycle, from inception to being fully operational. The TGN is written in a way that allows people with all levels of technical ability and knowledge of decking to be able to interpret the information. Whether you are a client at concept stage, an architect drawing a project, an engineer designing a composite slab or a site operative checking how a certain detail should be fixed, the TGN has you covered.



Where can you access it?

As well as the PDF download of  TGN Manual, TGN Online allows you to access this wealth of knowledge from wherever you are in the world. The website features an easily navigable page and includes a “Search” function to allow you to access the exact information you need as quickly as possible.

Register for access to TGN Online and follow our social media channels to see regular updates and bite-size extracts from the notes.

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