Crushed end floor deck sheets

TR80+ Floor deck sheets can now be provided with crushed ends. This process of closing the end of the sheet ribs by ‘crushing’ the rib to form a slope to the end of the trapezoidal rib results in benefits for clients and reduces installation times.


Benefits – Where might it be used

Crushed ends offer a number of benefits specific to certain types of construction or detail:

  • Reduced installation times in single span situations as avoids need for end caps
  • Provides a greater concrete section locally to the shear stud, improving stud performance
  • Enables solid concrete strip over centre of support avoiding need for acoustic and/or fire profile fillers
  • Reduces grout loss on pre-studded projects where deck sheets have to be single span
  • Popular in light gauge frame construction

As with all product options, crushed ends are not suitable in all situations as there are implications on sheet bundling and layout configurations.


Crushed ends option is only available with our TR80+ profile