Reduced Carbon Range

With an unwavering commitment to the environment, we are revolutionising the industry by working with our steel supply chain partners to develop an innovative range of metal decking solutions that significantly reduce embodied carbon

Reduced Embodied Carbon

SMD now offers additional product options with reduced embodied carbon, these products, known as the Reduced Carbon Range, coupled with various more environmentally friendly concrete mix designs can vastly reduce the overall embodied carbon within the finished composite slab.

SMD metal decking products are now available with two different options for reducing carbon:

XC uses steel coil that has been manufactured using the Electronic Arc Furnace (EAF) method resulting in approximately 66% less carbon during its production.

An EPD for the constituent material can be provided, but due to the limited supply chain available for this type of material, an increase in cost, lead time and minimum order quantity may be applicable.

G uses steel coil procured from suppliers offering carbon in-set certificates independently verified by a third party. These certificates, which can be purchased on a sliding scale from 0-100% of the ordered quantity, provide a reduction in carbon through savings elsewhere within the steel manufacture business.

Due to the broader supply chain, this option is more readily available and offers flexibility, in price and availability, where a specific carbon target is applicable with the price increase relative to the % certificates required.

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