Technical Guidance Notes

Industry Guidance

Comprehensive guidance on design and installation of composite metal floor and structural roof deck, the TGN provides information from start to finish of a contract journey.

The TGN is aimed to aid our clients and engineers when undertaking work prior to specification, design or scintillation of products on site, to ensure best practice is adhered too and issues are restricted to the minimum.

SMD, has over 35 years’ experience within the structural deck industry, along with it, plenty of knowledge to share. The Technical Guidance Notes (TGN) has been developed since 2006 and was first featured as a ten page addition of our Technical Manual. Calling on the vast wealth of experience of our staff and the decking industry, the TGN offers design information covering the relevant and most up to date British Standards, Eurocodes and industry guidance documents including: BS5950, EC4 and SCI P300.

Topics covered

The TGN comprehensively covers;

  • Specification
  • Health & Safety
  • Composite Design
  • Construction Methods
  • Structural Roof Deck Design
  • Detailing rules
  • Studwelding
  • Concrete
  • SMD products options


These notes are in continuous development based on industry changes, product updates and FAQ’s received from people like you.

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