Training & Development

SMD provide a comprehensive series of Continued Professional Development (CPD) presentations under the global title ‘Composite Decking: The Benefits and Associated Design Considerations’.

The CPD’s provide an in-depth look at different aspects of the composite metal decking industry, from design through to installation, with a range of modules available which enables the delegates to tailor the presentation to suit specific learning objectives.

CPDs are available online and in person (deepening on location) and suggest a timescale of around 1 hour 30 minutes for each presentation. We recommend one module per session but happy to present more if preferred.

Modules available:

  • Introduction to SMD and Composite Metal Decking
  • Composite Deck & Slab Design (construction, composite & fire)
  • Construction Methods
  • Health and Safety (pre-construction & planning)
  • Benefits and Product Selection

  • Construction Details
  • Off-Site Construction
  • SMD Elements® Design Software
  • Structural Roof Deck
  • Sustainability (acoustics, thermal mass, durability & cost)

Presented at Client or SMD offices

Client specific CPD’s on request

CPD Certificates for participants