The VoidBEAM™ product is available for use with the VoidSafe® Protection System (when used with metal floor deck) and also RSG™ (Reinforced Safety Grating) for use in other applications within Marine, Industrial and Rail sectors. VoidBEAM™ provides increased strength using steel trimmer supports placed on top of the GRP safety grating panels when holes are to be cut in the GRP or where excessive loadings are required, supports to be installed before holes in GRP are made.


• Save time on site with the fastest GRP support system to install

• Fixing claws located through the GRP from above

• Cross beams easy to fix in place

• Provides upstand protection to unsafe and vulnerable open areas

• Defines the void edge, therefore not a trip hazard (typically located in a service cabinet)


• Steel section – 110h x 80w (3mm thick)

• Claw – Five tangs to fit through grating

• Cross beam angle bracket to join beams/core (6mm thick)


• Galvanised mild steel to EN10142:2000


• Complies with floor loading standards for 2.5kN UDL and 1.5kN concentrated load for L/200 or 10mm max deflection


• Hot-dip Zinc (Galvatite Z), including iron-zinc alloy (Galvatite ZF).

• The hot-dip coatings may contain up to 0.002% lead or up to 0.12% antimony

Design, supply and installation

• SMD offer a full design, supply and installation service independently, or as part of our floor deck package. Contact our Sales team for more information Estimating@smdltd.co.uk.

• Installation instructions available upon request.

Maximum Span

• Suitable as intermediate support for risers up to 3m wide.