One important factor to consider when designing a composite floor using steel deck, is the environment the deck will be exposed to during it’s lifetime. This is especially critical in aggressive environments where the deck may be exposed to humidity, airborne pollutants or chemical agents, this is covered in TGN Section 7.4 – Durability.

  • All SMD Floor and Roof deck profiles CAN be used in aggressive environments
  • Standard galvanised coating (275g/m2) is suitable for corrosion categories C1-C3
  • SMD can offer a High Durability coating (310g/m2), referred to as “HD”, can greatly increases “Life To First Maintenance” and is ideal for corrosivity category C4, C5 & CX environments


SMD can offer approved suppliers for additional protective paint systems should they be required for your project.


For more information on this topic, see our TGN Sections 7.4 & 13.1 specifically relating to Durability.


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By Thomas Rigden GMICE

SMD Technical Design Engineer

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