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With many different components contributing to the final construction of a building, it can be tricky to juggle different trade contractors and associated logistics.


Having a project split into many small packages requires additional effort and organisation compared to achieving the same goal but using fewer suppliers. Having multiple trades working simultaneously can often lead to miscommunication and as a result, delays on the schedule. Integrating services into one package can take some of the pressures of communication, programme and Health & Safety stresses away. So, what are the risk-reducing benefits of having a single source solution?


Having all the logistical elements under one roof allows the package to retain an element of flexibility that would otherwise not exist. No matter how much planning goes into a build, there are always unforeseen circumstances that crop up (usually at the worst time). A combined package means that the supplier can react and adapt quickly without having too much of a knock-on effect to programme. Working as a single unit helps to keep things on track and maintain progress on site. With teams from different suppliers relying on each other to keep to time, the difficulty of managing the project can quickly spiral if there is a delay on one stage. Separate sub-contractors won’t be working completely cohesively so you’ll have more reorganisation and coordination to undertake. With fewer suppliers, a combined package and the already mentioned agile working, the project risk is significantly reduced as the internal teams can work together to overcome delays. 

SMD removes the hassle of chasing sub-contractors.

With fewer parts of the programme coming through a single point of contact at SMD, it removes a lot of the hassle and administration. Instead of having to send out multiple progress reports, or chasing a number of sub-contractors, it’s all done through the same team. Our team will thoroughly know your project down to the last detail, so they’ll be able to help facilitate a successful end delivery and be on hand to help if there are any problems along the way. It’s fair to say over the 10 years we’ve been concreting over decking, we’ve learnt a thing or two. Our combined package consisting of safety netting, decking, installation of shear studs and concrete has been chosen by clients time and time again. They know we’re experienced and more than competent when it comes to taking on the responsibility of any project – whether it’s upper decks or ground floor slabs, we’ve been in the business for over 30 years. A project shrouded in risk doesn’t result in a quality end product, so we’re dedicated to making it feel as hassle-free, safe and cost-effective as possible. 


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