Innovation in safety

Innovation isn’t something to dip into now and again, it should be a continual process within any business

Those that are future gazers will not only improve their current product offering, but they’ll also use their technical knowledge to create products and solutions that fulfil the needs of their customers – even if those customers don’t know they need it yet. Innovation doesn’t have to mean that there is a constant stream of new products, simply adapting and evolving an existing offering to make sure it better suits the needs of those using it in their projects.


Although there are plenty that boast about the construction industry being at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, it can at times feel stagnant, and often there hasn’t been significant change from the way things have always been done. What’s the reason for this? Well it could be argued that barriers of innovation such as investment, knowledge sharing and regulations can all hinder efforts to progress. As such, in a risk-averse industry, it’s essential that manufacturers take strides to push emerging technologies and stay curious about what’s next for them.

SMD recognises the need to keep shaking things up to ensure that things are safer and faster, yet more cost effective within the construction industry. Providing a solution to site void protection, the VoidSafe™ solution was developed to keep everyone safe and can be used as both a temporary and permanent solution. The grid flooring system is not only slip-resistant, lightweight and resistant to chemicals and corrosion, it also eliminates the need for void handrail protection systems that can act as obstructions and slow the process down. Before concrete these panels act as the perfect void protection, and once it has been poured, they can protect the void when the building is in use. What’s more, studies show that VoidSafe™ also reduces additional trade costs so it’s a budget-friendly long-term solution too.


The VoidSafe™ system can be designed to your specifications, no matter the complexity.


Health & Safety is incredibly important to us, so you can feel confident that everything will be checked thoroughly for quality assurance. Site safety should be a priority for every build and with innovations like VoidSafe™ in the market it means that dangerous situations can be managed in a sustainable, cost-effective and non-disruptive way. With a wealth of technical knowledge driving us forward, we’re able to develop products like this, that not only result in a successful build, but also keep those working on site safe.

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